My Journey

As I hear my children’s laughter on a warm summer day echo through our woods while I plant in my garden, I am reminiscent of childhood, and of constructing those small hidden spaces that were just for us, and if lucky enough, those we let in. Spaces made from our quilts and old boxes and sticks, spaces that seemed to transport us to other worlds; just as in childhood, here I stand, in my garden constructing my own space out of stones and dirt and plants. Our own space is just as important then as it is now– space to find fun and exploration, space to experiment, a space for solitude but also for gathering, a space to laugh, confide, retreat to. A space for our life to unfold and a space for experience.

My life experience has lead me here, to landscape design. It has lead me to believe that our spaces really do shape our mood, our experiences, and our lives. I find that a long walk through our New England woodlands can cure whatever is on my mind. I find a fragrant evergreen takes me back to my childhood on our Christmas tree farm. The sight of my pony grazing out my window brings  me peace. The though of my children picking fresh blueberries from my yard will outweigh any trip to Disney World we have ever taken.


When I embark on a new design with a client, I want the space to evoke those emotions. I want to instill in them the same feeling they had in childhood from laughing under their fort in the woods during a warm New England summer. I want them to feel that the space is theirs. Theirs to find solitude, friendship, memories, and experiences.

So journey with me to find a space that is completely yours. It’s truly an honor to work so closely with my customers to create these spaces, to be given the opportunity to build beautiful, healthy, evolving spaces where you will experience your life alongside of those you love. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, my design style &  for taking a small glimpse into my life


After graduating with a BS in English and Design, my passion for interior design combined with my love of the outdoors to lead me toward a career in landscape design. Ten years of experience in the trade and a lifetime of being in love with the outdoors has lead me here…A certified horticulturist, CANP, and ‘certified plant geek’ allows me to bring my passion and knowledge to every landscape I create. I find true joy in finding solutions to customers’ landscape issues, and taking their wants, needs, and personality and incorporating them into a space they will forever love.


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”- Audrey Hepburn

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